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About Us

THE MOO is a production of Miracle Hit Radio; a 501c3
non-profit media company based in Albion Maine.  The purpose of Miracle Hit Radio is to use new media in positive ways that build and support healthy families.

The purpose of THE MOO is to encourage and sustain Albion's traditional sense of community while building deeper connections between all who live in town.

Step one, is to build a community calendar that lists every activity of every group in Albion.  When that happens we believe the community calendar will become a central bulletin board all residents will come to depend on. 

Along with that we have set up a Facebook page which is intended to act like an alarm clock which will remind you of special events you might not want to miss.  Be assured that we are very sensitive to fact that social media can be intrusive when abused.  Our current thinking is to post one list of all events at the beginning of the week.  Then post reminders for one of a kind events on the day of the event.  We are hoping that you will find our approach helpful without being irritating.

Step two, is to have our internet country radio station, also called THE MOO, provide lots of local information.  In this way you will hear, read and be reminded of all the cool stuff that happens in Albion. 

As always, we welcome input and feedback so that we can serve you better.  Send us an email anytime using the contact form shown below.

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